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With over 35 years of experience in Spiritual reading , Cheryl Lee's is proud to be here to help you anyway she can. I can give you a future reading, as well as contact your loved ones who has passed over to the other side. To see if they have a special message to help you in your life today or even let you know

if they have connected to the other side.


Whatever your previous experience, you will find your session will be a private and comfortable session where we can have fun.  

Where you can let your mind relax and comfortably reflect on the bigger picture and deeper meaning in your life.  

Make an appointment through the booking form today.

What can a reading do for you.

A session can guide you on your path in life, connect you with a loved one who has passed over.  

They may give you a message that you've been looking for. Or a look into the future if needed as well a maybe a small palm reading. You may need some crystals as well to help you.  

When you are here we will both decide what you need. I try to keep the session as positive as I can.  

Why not book a session today! 


I always want to give my customers peace of mind – that’s why I always strive to offer top-quality services at competitive prices. My previous customers have been pleased by my ability and the pocket-friendly nature of my service, and their referrals have helped me expand my reach so today I'm helping more individuals than ever before.


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